Root Canal Pain: The Signs and Symptoms You Will Experience

Root canal is a procedure that is mainly to treat decay in the tooth pulp. The teeth is very complicated in the structure and has a soft tissue with blood vessels and connective tissues. The pulp will have to experience inflammation due to decay in the soft tissues. If you are not aware of the signs that require a root canal, you will not know when to seek the treatment. Hence, read below to know more about the signs and symptoms that will require a root canal.

Persistent tooth pain is among the signs which will indicate that you need to go for a root canal. Such pain will make you not be comfortable and sometimes, it will be occurring from time to time. This pain will also have to reach the bones. The pain will be due to some conditions like gum disease. If the pain is persistent, then the best way is for you to see a dentist for treatment. This will lead to early diagnosis and treatment of the condition which is suitable for a better outcome.

Root canal is also necessary when your teeth are very sensitive to hot or cold. This is a condition that will lead to ache or sharp pain. If this is the case, then seeing a dentist is important especially if the condition starts lingering even if you are not eating the food. An infection in the pulp can also cause teeth discoloration which is another sign. Consider seeing a dentist. Swollen gums which are near the teeth with pain will also prompt you to seek a root canal. You will have a bad taste in the mouth if you have swollen gums.

Sometimes, you will not be comfortable when you are eating or touching the teeth due to the pain that you feel. This is called the sensitivity of the teeth which can be due to tooth decay or nerve damage. Root canal is therefore what you need to consider if this condition goes for long. You might also be experiencing chipped or cracked teeth. The nerve will be inflamed and this will result in pain and sensitivity of the teeth.

Loosening of the teeth might also be a sign and this will be due to infection. When in such a state, you only need to go for a root canal. This is important so that you are able to save your teeth from further damages. Root canal is the procedure that is needed when you experience any of the signs and symptoms discussed above.

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